Christmas Mass Times 2023

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Padre’s Corner


I hope your summer has begun well! I normally include a bulletin column on modesty about this time of year as well as some thoughts for summer reading.  In lieu of pastor changes in a couple weeks, perhaps just a mention of the clothing policy of St. Peter’s in Rome,

Happy Easter

What must have been the emotions of Our Lady and the Apostles on Good Friday evening!  Though Blessed Mother remembered

Palm Sunday & Holy Week

Thank you to all our married couples who hosted and coordinated our engaged couples’ retreat on March 16th.  It was

Involuntary Penances

We are almost halfway to Easter! How are those involuntary penances going?!  Involuntary penances?  Yes, those opportunities for penance that

St. Charles de Foucauld

St. Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) was orphaned at the age of six and raised lovingly by his grandparents in the

Doctor Assisted Suicide

A month ago the bulletin column considered the radical pro-abortion ‘Reproductive Freedom Amendment’ that is being considered for the Virginia