Christmas Mass Times 2023

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Padre’s Corner

St. Charles de Foucauld

St. Charles de Foucauld (1858-1916) was orphaned at the age of six and raised lovingly by his grandparents in the Faith.  By late teens had given up on God and the Catholic Faith.  His twenties were years of dissolute living in and out of the military.  By the age of

Doctor Assisted Suicide

A month ago the bulletin column considered the radical pro-abortion ‘Reproductive Freedom Amendment’ that is being considered for the Virginia

Lent 2024

Well, our Ash Wednesday will coincide with St. Valentine’s Day this year! Howmany insights between the two ‘celebrations’ can be


If you have traveled to Italy you may have noticed that many towns have their own ‘duomo’.  When people hear

Ash Wednesday Schedule for Holy Trinity Catholic Church

The Mass schedule is as follow: 6AM, 9AM, 12 Noon, 4PM and 6PM. 

Please contact the office for other Mass schedules.