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Equality Act 2021

The House of Representatives recently passed Bill #5 of 2021.  It is deceivingly named, Equality Act of 2021.  It is anything but.  It will now go to the Senate to be voted on.  We had better get everyone we have ever come in contact with to storm the Senate with phone calls, phone calls and more phone calls!  Other means of communication cannot hurt.

When you have a moment take a look at the Eleven Myths of the Equality Act of 2021

In the name of ‘freedom’ – ‘What freedom?’ is a good question to ask – basic Constitutional Rights of Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Conscience and Freedom of Speech will be removed in this Bill.  Make no mistake, smoke and mirror days are gone.  This is a frontal assault by those who would want to undermine and destroy our culture and our country.  We are not talking about the land of the free, but the land of the dictated and controlled.  If you hold truths not in accord with the ideology of those who say there is not truth – except the ones they dictate – you WILL BE PUNISHED financially and legally.

For example, if your organization teaches and holds that a person is born and is a man or a woman, your organization can be charged criminally.  If Catholic Charities only places children in homes of a married man and woman, it will be taken to court.  If a Catholic School teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman as God has created them at birth, it can be fined and/or taken to court.

In other words, if you hold the truths of your religion that are enshrined as a freedom in the Constitution, the Equality Act will allow for your religious freedom to be attacked and removed.

To top it off, the charge in the House of Representatives was led by one who calls herself Catholic?!  How many ‘Catholics’ signed it?!  In the name of providing for respect of those who struggle with same sex attraction, gender dysphoria and others, they have deliberately signed a bill that removes basic freedoms from Americans.  One would think that Catholics – and all Christians – would understand that the ONLY way respect for one’s neighbor is provided in a culture is through the principles of Christianity!  Without God, without Jesus Christ, basic human respect is impossible.  Why?  God is love.  He, in the Person of Jesus Christ, teaches us how to love by His example and teachings.

St. Joseph, pray for us!

God bless


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