Christmas Mass Times 2023

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St. Vincent the Paul


Thank you to Mrs. Agatha Loin and her merry band of actors who presented last weekend a very entertaining version of Singing in the Rain.

The following quote from St. Vincent de Paul caught my attention recently. We should recall that Vincent de Paul was the man of charity in Paris in 1700s. He who worked with the poor in the midst repulsive of circumstances. He had his calumniators as most saints do.

Let us beware of complaints, resentments, and evil-speaking against those who are ill-disposed to us, discontented with us, or hostile to our plans and arrangements, or who even persecute us with injuries, insults, and calumnies. Rather let us go on treating them as cordially as at first, or more so, as far as possible showing them esteem, always speaking well of them, doing them good, serving them on occasion, even to the point of taking shame and disgrace upon ourselves, if necessary to save their honor. All this ought to be done, first, to overcome evil with good, according to the teaching of the Apostles; and secondly, because they are our allies rather than our adversaries, as they aid us to destroy self-love, which is our greatest foe; and since it is they who give us an opportunity to gain merit, they ought to be considered our dearest friends.

God bless