Christmas Mass Times 2023

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Life Continues

Have you ever gone through challenging events in your life? Events that try your faith and hope in God’s Providence? Why God?

God knows the human heart. He has made it. In our present ‘storm’ that tempts us to fear, anxiety, sadness, despair and faithlessness, Our Lord provides remedies within the human experience.

Aren’t there times when we wish the world could just stop for a bit? Just let me be alone and barricaded from its worries? God doesn’t allow it, does he? Look around us. The beauty of Spring is all around us – those with allergies may not agree! The world does not stop for us. God knows it would not be good for us. Driving around the last couple of weeks it is remarkable how many people are outside! Isn’t there a joy that comes with Spring? ! One’s heart cannot help but be lifted by experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of Spring.

Those with families I am sure can identify with life moving on despite the storm around us! Children, especially younger children, do not get caught up in the worries of the world, do they? They go about life with a creativity, a joy, a motion. Parents cannot sit in a corner consumed by anxieties. Children do not allow it. It’s not by chance. God works so often through the little ones.

The youth bring joy, hope, love and faithfulness. One mother told me her children used old palms to do their own procession through their house on Palm Sunday. She also said they will be picking up strands until next Ash Wednesday! (This is a mother who has spent almost all of the last six months indoors with a difficult pregnancy and birth.)

Some of the children who watched Mass live streamed thought the priest could see them! I am hearing that the array of attire during live streamed Masses is quite entertaining.

One family put up outdoor Stations of the Cross. The little ones have prayed the Stations on their own!

And, if spending time outside or with the little ones is not possible, there is always the imagination and the mind. Just listening to the story of St. Vincent Ferrer today – his feast day is April 5 – was tremendous. That said, I would avoid the news these days. Is it really helpful to my peace? Why not read/listen to stories of saints who have lived through similar times with hope, faith, love and joy! There are so many.

These are just a few of God’s gifts in our experience to help weather the storms in life.

God bless