Christmas Mass Times 2023

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911 – 20th Anniversary


Before I get into the column every Catholic adult should know that our Prince William County School Board will be meeting 9/15 discuss the use/implementation of Critical Race Theory in public schools. Critical Race Theory, as we have explained in past bulletins, is nothing more than Marxism/Communism dressed up. It creates a conflict so that its supporters can bring about their desired goal – usually power. Please consider attending the meeting and speaking. A school board is an elected body which is supposed to do what is best for children.

Where were you on a sunny Tuesday morning in September of 2001? The exact date was September 11, 2001. In the midst of the cancel culture that seeks to cancel history and truth, it is important to recall events such as 911. To remember is to honor ordinary men and women who died; to honor those who heroically gave up their lives to save others; to honor the many military personnel who have died in the ensuing conflict with Moslem terrorists – i.e. Taliban and others; to recall the hidden suffering and loss of many families.

Why 911? What a loaded question. Many asked it and still do. Some asked it of God.

The first answer is that it coincides with the Moslem Turk defeat at Vienna, Austria in 1683. After besieging Vienna for months, the Moslem Turks were destroyed by the Christian relief army.

A second answer is that there are men (and women) who use religion for their own totalitarian purposes. They commit horrendous crimes. (Grant it, there can be a discussion on whether these terrorists were following teachings of Islam – i.e. make war on the infidel.)

A third answer concerns God directly. Where was He in all of this? Why did He allow it? There is not a full answer here on earth. That said, God gives each human being a free will – to use for Him or against Him. 911 saw a small number of men use their free will against God and their fellow man. They caused great suffering. (And, men like them continue to do so.)

God brings good out of suffering. It is the lesson of the Cross. How many thought first of others in 911? How many strangers – for weeks and months – looked out for each other? How many returned to Our Lord? How many learned virtue by

the example of heroic emergency personnel and military? How many grew to respect and love our country?

May we study history, even the unpleasant events, that we may learn virtue, recognize error and confront evil.

God bless